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This day last week, I ran my first biggest workshop to date! Adidas London invited me to run a short 'lettering & sign-making' workshop at their fitness studio in Brick Lane for their members as part of their initiative of bridging fitness, lifestyle and well-being .

Being a women-only studio, they wanted the workshop to incorporate mantras that epitomised female empowerment so I went on to create various typographic designs using both their mantras and a couple of my own with the view that these would then be motivational signs the girls would get to keep. I thought it'd be a nice little reminder of their creative session and most importantly, what they can achieve when they push their limits! 

With only a 1.5hours time period it meant that all the boards, in this instance, were prepped and drawn out by me prior to the class. This is something I usually get my students to do as part of the workshop structure but with a shorter timeframe, it logistically made sense have this part already prepared so that the girls could get more time to paint. The designs I made to use as stencils provided all the attendees the perfect base/starting point to paint from and a quick introduction to various lettering styles and colour ways,  they were encouraged to add their own flair and detail to their sign.

I have to admit I was anxious about it as I normally cap my workshops to 8-10 people (12/15 max if anything!) and have at least a minimum of 3hours but much to my relief and delight, it all worked out brilliantly in the end! I'm always amazed at how creative folk can be having never painted before and without question, leave buzzing with inspiration! 

A big thanks to @adidaslondon for hosting my taster lettering & sign-making workshop and to all the ladies who did a bloody great job this evening getting their paint on! 

If you'd like to host one of my workshops do feel free to drop me a line!!

Ps. Here’s a small recap of my night:

IMAGE CREDIT : Molu Designs  [All rights reserved ©MoluDesigns]

IMAGE CREDIT : Molu Designs
[All rights reserved ©MoluDesigns]

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