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London Letterheads Meet

I had my first experience attending the big Letterheads Meet this August, which is basically where signwriters from all over the world meet and have a complete geekfest. With London hosting this year’s meet-up, it was a no-brainer for me to go. I have to say, I was completely overwhelmed and humbled to be among the greats under the one roof, watching and learning all their tricks of their trade - that’s what i love about this field, you can never stop learning!! There’s so much passion in these guys, that it left me completely inspired to keep going and exploring more with the brush. And most importantly to learn to be confident in yourself to keep producing great work.

What an epic four days being part of an amazing community and to meet some seriously awesome people I’m now lucky to call friends. I’m really looking forward to the next one but in the meantime here’s a little glimpse into the event, including the piece i designed for the auction.

And here’s the piece I did. I was so intimidated at first - I’m so used to working in my quiet studio with only a few folk around, the thought of painting with SO many people around you (incredibly talented ones too!) was daunting. I actually put it off until the second last day by which point i loosened up a bit and had some encouragement from the other great signwriters that I decided to go for it. I kept it minimal but interesting and delighted it was bought by a fellow sign-writer from Japan!

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