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I had the pleasure of running a few of my “in-a-nutshell” lettering and sign-making workshops this autumn which turned out awesomely and had such a ball sharing some of my tricks of the trade to the attendees on creating hand-painted signs. Here’s some photos I took of everyone in action - I have to say i was completely impressed with their eye for colours and painting skills!

Workshops are usually limited to 8 people so that you get my undivided attention. Once in a blue moon I tend to hold these workshops outside my East London studio such as the one held in New Craft House, but most of the time, you’re in the comforts of my laid back space.

It’s a great way to try your hand at something new - it’s open to all abilities by the way - be it a little therapeutic treat or if you’re actually looking to learn a new skill. They do also make great group events and gifts for special occasions. Either way, it’s always a great pleasure meeting different people and imparting my knowledge with you. The purpose of these in-a-nutshell workshops is so that you feel you can create some cool signs without having to be a fully-fletched letterer or sign-writer.

So yea, would these be of interest to you?

So if you’d like to join in on the lettering antics, book now before they fill up real soon! Oh and if you’d like to buy it as a gift for someone, let me know and i can generate a gift voucher for you to present them with!

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