This time last month, I had my first ever market stall in London, showcasing my typographic prints and a new range of hand-painted signs. I signed up to the Crafty Fox autumn markets never once thinking I'd actually be selected and then I did!

I have to say I was both excited and anxious about it having never done a market before. The social and personal side of things totally appealed to me but the fear of not selling or your work being scrutinised out in the public did daunt me. Understandable I suppose. But then again, I did say to myself that this would be a market research of kind as I wanted to see if folk would be keen on buying hand-painted signs.

Anyway, the whole thing was such a great experience, right form the prep work to the actual day selling - and I sold more than expected which was a relief! :)

Here's a few behind-the-scenes images of some of my work and the stall at the Crafty Fox Brixton market!

I have to admit, having done the market, I have a complete new found respect to all my designer-maker friends who do this on a regular basis. The thought process that goes behind both the products and stall can be insanely detailed and lengthy. You can only image how much thought and time goes into those stands you see that are just beautifully branded across everything. I kept mine pretty simple as I only planned to do this market as a one-off market, but even that felt like A LOT!

Overall, the market provided lot of valuable insight and I had so much fun being amongst other traders and meeting all the punters. It's definitely got me preferring it to an online shop who knows, I might do more in the future?

In the meantime, if you like the look of personalised signs for your home, workplace or shop, just drop me a line! :)

IMAGE CREDIT : Molu Designs  [All rights reserved ©MoluDesigns]

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