Last week, I was working on a typographic installation at a  primary school up in Leyton, London. The school wanted the Poem of Jerusalem, by William Blake, across one of their stairwells and appointed me to design and sign-write the iconic piece.

The turnover for this project was incredibly quick so I kept the design fairly simple but played on the organic flow and movement of the stairwell by staggering the four verses across the three main walls. With the key vantage point from both entry points of the stairwell being the curved corner it worked well having the first verse start that end and work its way across, in a bold and punchy manner. 

The whole process on site took 6 days to do;  two days of measuring and drawing out, followed by four solid days of painting.  It's probably one of the biggest and detailed piece of work I've done on my own to date....and I have to say I loved every bit of it! 

Pretty pleased with how it's all turned out in such a short space of time and under a strict timeframe (I had to complete it all during their half term holiday while the kids were out of sight!) I'll hopefully get more photos onto the 'PORTFOLIO' section soon but in the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed the little behind-the-scenes, including a time-lapse snippet of me in action! :)

The next phase of the art installation at the school are by london-based duo Tom and Craig of STATIC, visual artists who will be working their magic on another stairwell and a large curved external wall - definitely worth keeping and eye out for if you can,because i've seen the proposals and it looks ace. 

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