What I offer:

Combining all the skills from over a decade in architecture and design, the following are a range of services, I specialises in:

  • Logo & brand identity
  • Lettering & sign-painting
  • Displays & installations
  • Prop/product styling & art direction
  • Creative direction & design consultation

Whether you're a small, independent business looking to rebrand or individuals simply looking to personalise a special event you can be sure to have me help you through every step of the way, with great care and attention to detail to bring you distinctive designs.

There is always scope to broaden horizons and explore other creative avenues with Molu Designs. So, if you find you have a rather unconventional or unique project in mind (from private commissions to collaborations), particularly one that embraces a hand-crafted touch, please do not hesitate to contact me

How it works:

While the level of work varies from project to project, the design approach, from start to finish, is pretty much the same across all projects. Typically, this would follow a three-stage process;

1. We'll begin with a 'design consultation' to ensure I have a thorough understanding of what it is you're looking for and that I have all the relevant information to proceed onto the 'design development' stage. This will also help me evaluate the time and costs for the work entailed. 

2. The development stage consists of further research, putting together mood boards and sketching up initial design concepts to summarise the overall look, style, etc for approval.

3. These would then be developed further before presenting you with the final mock ups. You can expect up to two design proposals, with two to three design revisions to finalise all the details of the finished piece/product.